Somethings Are Never Forgotten

Sometings are never forgotten. 

Your tiny hand wrapped around my little finger

fitting only half way up. Me thinking someday 

it will be bigger than my whole hand. 

Not knowing how fast someday would be. 

Turning older every year, you and me. 

Somethings are never forgotten. 

Like your first words. How you loved to make the sound of saws.

Your three favorite books which had to be read every night.

I found out one night how well I memorized them when you sat

with you head obscuring the book. I never missed a beat and read on. 

As the words were engrained in my mind. Like the image of you

feeding the lamb. Your lamb. You both loved each other so much.

Somethings are never forgotten.

Hugs so tightly given with sticky hands that left more than memories.

The gentle way you examined everything. Your insatiable questions

which still thrive today. Always learning and growing. 

Somethings are never forgotten

etched in a timeless memory

to be opened at will, triggered at moments,

carrying comfort and joy, along with a need to be present

enough to remember this moment because

Somethings are never forgotten.

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