Maybe I Forgot?

Maybe I forgot. 

How spring smelled like flowers and chocolate.

How rain washed away more than the dust and pollen.

Maybe I forgot.

What the sun felt like on a crisp spring morning.

What the birds say when they arrive from their winter vacation.

Maybe I forgot.

To breathe deeply while tilling the garden.

To toss a ball to the dog so she did not chase the cats.

Maybe I forgot.

When life revolved around nothing more than what we should play.

When games and laughter were part of everyday.

Maybe I forgot.

So God placed you here to remind me.

Remembering is even sweeter than the first time around.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I Forgot?

  • Indeed….Imagining and remembering makes a particular story, moment, or message more powerful. Everything you mentioned is like a Holy Moment on this Holy Saturday. Hopefully we can imagine and remember the events of yesterday (or what used to be) in a good way and apply them to today – to be thankful for those sweet memories and look forward to the ones me make tomorrow and beyond.


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