Oh, Time.

Running ahead toward something not quite seen.

Time gets away from me.

Floating away. ‘Time could you slow down?’ I say.

Time laughs and moves farther away.

I gather my things; chores, fun, work, play, other things to do today.

Hugged tightly in my arms. We run toward time.

Time is too far. Skipping, running, trying hard,

But time stays to far

out of reach. I think I must

lighten this load and trust.

Trust that time will slow for me

if I could drop a few things.

Arms open wide and toss it ALL aside.

Running unencumbered now.

‘Time! Time! I am getting there now.’

Time smiles slowly, with great pleasure.

‘I see you finally learned to measure

the importance of time these days.

How you do not wish it to slip away.’

Nodding and somewhat surprised

To find somethings by my side.

‘You see the ones that really matter

will never get away. Those stick like glue

and stay with you.’

‘I see’, I kindly say.

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