Lace And Parasol

You walk the frozen waters edge

In fine lacey gowns. Parasol, twirling round.

Whispering, ‘boo’, to those who stand around.

Until the day your voice was heard.

You made a friend who enjoyed the cold.

She too walked along, alone.

In frozen solitude.

Crunching ice beneath her shoes.

You glided silently by her side.

Enjoying every view.

Describing how young these trees where then.

She marvels at them now.

How beautiful they have grown.

What stories they can tell.

You marvel at your friend.

What it could have been.

Had you met a lifetime ago.

Would you both have giggled, so.

You would like to believe it true.

She is like a future you.

More refined and somewhat sad today.

Heartened by your friendly way.

You both part again. Till next time my friend.

Goodbye and farwell.

You will be here in lace and parasol.

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