‘I Want To Be A Photographer!’ Said The Gnome

He happened upon a camera, sitting quietly on a bench. 

He picked it up. Declared his luck. Merrily skipped away.

The camera was gigantic for the little gnome.

He was not discouraged as he drug it home.

He snapped photos of his flakey friends.

a pile of us 2020

Photos of his room. 

My room. Out of focus. 2020.

It was a very exciting afternoon!

Until the others happened by. Saw his pictures. Told him not to try.

He cried a bit. Dried his tears. Went along his way.

‘I will be a photographer, someday!’
He snapped photos every chance he got. Some rather good and some not.

He had a lot of fun. Smiling along the way.

Bumping into another gnome one day, who asked to see his photos…if that was okay.

Sheepishly he showed her. Delighted she liked his stuff.

These are really, really good! You should show them off.

He shrugged off her compliment. Hearing the jeers from before.

How could he get over that? Show them to more?

Working hard to get past the fear.

He took her up on the offer to appear

In a restaurant, which lead to more and more spots.

Soon his images were everywhere!

Flakey friends. 2020.

He was a photographer! Taking photos of things he cared.

frozen front porch. 2020.

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