A Sound. A Word. All Unheard.

It all started with a sound. A pitch unheard by some.

Resonate in the hearts. Spoken far, wide, worlds apart.

No one knew. Suspected none. 

Until the sound, flowed off their tongues.

Unknown. Unheard. A word.

Spoken in a quiet voice.

Delivered to the highest choice.

Cold went warm. Dark to light.

Open hearts. Lack of fright.

The sound reverberated again.

Heard this time by a selected few.

Those who spoke of this truth.

It rolled with ease off the tongues.

Reaching farther and farther to the sun.

Until it resonates with all.

The sound will continue in equal

Measure. Rest assure.

Until it flows from every pore.

Spoken from the hearts of human.

Love. A word. Spoken.

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