Christmas Wishes

I wish you could see, hear, taste the magic of the season.

Run with abandon through the trees as we search merrily

for one to sacrifice. Cut from its roots to shove in a corner.

Barely remembering to water it. While he proudly displays all the glittering

monstrosities that we made throughout the years. Decorated with tears and laughter.

Yesterdays treasures have me realize that yesterday was too long ago.

I need new treasures now. Ones that don’t bore a hole in my heart. Ones that 

provide the light we all seek in humanity. Which is given freely in the natural world.

Touch a tree. Not that sacrifice in the corner who happily gave his life for your needs, but

the one standing tall outside. Reaching to the heavens while rooting to the earth. Symbolic 

in its wisdom. If you could just pause long enough to hear the words. You could see. My Christmas

wish to you is beyond these worldly things. Tucked in the heavens were peace awaits us all.

Where love shines continually, and the world is whole. Free of the pain and suffering.
If only you could see…

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