With Loving Embrace

Sitting cross legged on the floor.
Reaching for a little more
From the pile of blocks and toys.
Chaos and a lot of noise.
Erupting from those tiny lungs.
Brother used the special one.
Peace and quiet could be restored.
If only, they were not so floored.
A scuffle and some words exchanged.
Should I step in again?
Wait it out to see what comes.
Maybe they will agree to some
Thing which works for both of them.
Maybe they will find a solution.
Tears stop, emotions smooth.
It's quiet now. What will they do?
Brother finds another special block.
Beneath the pile. Now they talk.
Who's building will be tallest,
Smallest, sortest, fall first.
Laughter then erupts.
Peace restored. Love a must.

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