Backstory: The Old Wooden Crow

I wrote a poem, The Old Wooden Crow. The crow was discovered by me and my kids on a hike. It is part of a tree that lost half of itself.

The hole is large enough to fit a small child, which was the reason why we stopped to look at it. Not to put a child in the hole, but to marvel at the size of the broken part of the tree. Wondering what could live inside it.

The possibilities are endless.

While contemplating, or rather giggling over, suggestions of what could live inside, I noticed the bump on top that looked like a crow.

I zoomed in, snapped a picture, and was even more delighted when I downloaded the picture. Seeing the ‘crow’ up close it even has an eye!

This is nature art! A very fine example of it.

I love how the world provides beautiful, humorous things to look at when we keep our eyes open.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie

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