This came up for me in a meditation when I was asking for my word of the year. For the past five years I have received a word of the year. Last year my word came during meditation. Previous years, I did not meditate, so the words trickled in by other means. All presented often enough to catch my attention.

I have to say, being far enough on this journey to start asking for my word is rather delightful.

Yes, I realize it is only October, but my year starts at the beginning of November, on my birthday. So, I am planning ahead. I really need to remember that the answers come faster every time I ask. Of course, always presenting in divine perfect timing, so my asking more than likely was influenced by the universe anyway.

On to my word of the year, and what I need to do to learn it. Compassion. I have it in spades where animals, strangers, acquaintances, my kids, and others are concerned. Where I lack compassion, is for myself.

Now, knowing what I learned from past years, the word will evolve in ways that are very surprising as I go about the year. I also feel as if this word will not be with me the entire year. It feels like, for lack of a better explanation, a mini lesson. So I will see where it takes me, and what new gifts I will find along the way.

How will I evolve with compassion?

Do any of you have a word of the year? Or even a word of the day or month?

Love and blessings to you, 💕 Carrie

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