The Balancing Act

Life is one giant balancing act. Once all of the cards are stacked; a wind comes to knock them down. Which, depending on one’s views, can be frustrating or enjoyable. I see it from either perspective, depending on how my frame of mind is at the moment.

When I am consciously choosing thoughts that feel good. When I am ensuring that I choose harmony and love whenever and wherever I am. Life flows easily. I see the cards fall, and I am okay with that, as I know this is a necessary change.

I do not always do what I know I should. I sometimes get stuck on a thought or a belief that is not positive. I am working, everyday, to change that.

I find it interesting. The more I learn about mindfulness and consciousness the more I see how, as a child this was my nature. I can go back and see how that nature eroded over time. Now, I can celebrate getting it back, and improving on it. Finding the momentum to lift up, even on days that feel as if rocket fuel is needed to blast me out of bed. I find that rocket fuel, usually in the form of an animal or something in nature, as well as a positive thought, like a good morning to myself, to lift me.

Knowing on the days when even the sunny thoughts cannot change what is happening around me, I can choose to not fall into negative thinking, helps me get through. It is powerful to know how wonderful our minds are, and how we can live a loving, happy life, if we choose to.

May you find your rocket fuel to propel you into the future you desire.

Love and blessings, đź’• Carrie


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