It Is a New Day!

My kids enjoy watching the Carl and Jinger Family channel on YouTube. They start their vlog with, “Today is a new day. Let’s make it an awesome one.” I really love this motto!

I honestly enjoy mornings . The start of a day has so much potential to be miraculous. Like a reset button on the day before. I also find that starting the day looking forward to the day and all that will unfold gives me the momentum to move through the day with a joyous heart.

It really is the little things that bring the most joy. Little thoughts of love, of miracles, of joy. All wraps together in a beautiful package of happiness. Contentment. It is wonderful to have.

May you all start your day, or end your day, depending on when you are reading this, with peace and joy. Looking forward to the freshness of life. The beauty of the world. Because beauty does exist, even in the harshness of life.

Love and blessings to you. 💕 Carrie

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