Tunnel Vision

The car door slammed shut. Echoing across the empty park. He looked around wondering where everyone was. Shrugging at his thought, he walked toward the woods with the familiar path that he walked everyday at one o’clock in the afternoon. Staring straight ahead he did not see the small dog that was slowly walking toward him from the playground area.

He made it to the woods at the same time that the small dog made it to him. He walked, deep in thought. Not noticing that the dog was right beside him.

The dog glanced up at him, and cocked his head to the side. Thinking, “He must be really enamored with this girl if that is all he is thinking about, as he does not see me. Everybody sees me! Even when I want to go unnoticed. Like the day that Mr. Jones sat on the bench and I snuck up behind to sneak a piece of his sandwich. Gosh, he saw me, and was not too happy with me either.”

The man grunted then. Wondering why he suddenly was thinking of Mr. Jones and a sandwich. It must be all those late nights working on the story. 

He continued walking. Trying hard to figure out the next move his character in the story was going to make. He was at the part now where she was stuck in a precarious situation with a witness to the murder that she was investigating. He was uncertain how to get her out of the situation.

The dog, still following beside the man, wondered if he would ever be noticed. He let out a soft sigh. This was hard work. The girl the man was thinking about non-stop must be really special to have his attention so focused.

At that moment, the dog spotted a squirrel and could not help himself. He yelled out, “Squirrel! Beautiful, probably tasty, squirrel!”

The man startled at the barking of the dog. Snapping his attention to the present moment. He saw the dog looking ahead and slightly above. Spotting the squirrel in the tree, sprinting from branch to branch.

” He looks like he is busy today. ” The man commented to the dog.

The dog looked up at the man with utter excitement.

The man stopped walking and bent down to pat the top of the dogs head. Finally, the dog thought. You finally see me. Of course it took a squirrel to get your attention. Those squirrels always get attention. The dog smirked. Enjoying the company of the man now that he was noticed.

In petting the dog, the man noticed that there was no collar. He asked the dog if he had a home. To which the dog whimpered slightly. The man took it as a no, and on impulse asked if the dog would like to go home with the man.

One excited bark erupted from the dog.

The two turned and headed back to the car. Uncertain what lie ahead, but hopeful that friendship and companionship was part of their future together.

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