When A Star Falls

Spider asked the sky
What the stars see from up high.
"They see your dreams,
Your thoughts,
Your hopes.
They see it all.
Especially, what you love the most."

Spider asked, why stars fall.
Sky replied,
"Because they have seen it all.
Stars hold into all our dreams,
Our hopes,
Our fantasies.
Some stars get heavy with all the stuff
That some of us dream up.
The burdens, the grief
the pain, and misbelief.
These stars cannot hold onto it,
And simply, must release."

Spider sat quiet
On his shimmering web.
Saddened that our pain could
Fall a star. He said,

" Thank you, Sky. One more question.
What happens after they fall? "

"Well," said sky, " that is the magic of it all.
For once a star falls,
It is free again.
It has released all that burdens it,
It will shine again.
Differently this time,
Maybe not as bright.
In a new location,
As a new light.
It will shine this time,
Collecting all the dreams.
Holding tightly to the hopes.
Letting go of all it does not need. "

Spider smiled.
Looking up.
"Thank you, sky."
He said.
"That reply sounds exactly
Like building a new web."

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