A Change In Direction

The kids and I went to the park a few weeks ago. The park is large and full of wonderful things to do, from play structures, to swings, to hiking trails, and ponds for fishing.

It is a park where we go to spend the day if we can. That day we had talked about playing at one of the play structures.

After playing for a little while, the kids decided to take a hike. We all planned for a brief hike, and set off on a trail that we knew was not long. Part way through the trail, with something buzzing our heads, we came across a hornets nest dangling over the trail at a height that was too close to our heads for my comfort. I decided to turn around and try the other part of the path. The kids agreed, and off we went.

Hornets nest

During the hike, we encountered times when the kids wanted to turn around as the pathway narrowed, and they did not like the high foliage brushing their legs. It also got muddy in spots, and we all wondered if we should turn around. Luckily, most of the mud was not bad and we were able to get around it. Continuing on our walk.

Our tour guide

A butterfly accompanied us during most of the walk, which delighted the kids.

Finally, after a good hour of hiking, we came to a clearing. Looking around, we noticed that we were no where near where we started, and had almost the same distance to go if we headed back on the trail, or traveled the road back to our car. We decided to go back along the road, to the kids delight, we discovered new play areas and a water pump.

The older play areas.

The hike ended with water and sandwiches.

What started out as a quick hike through the woods, became a long hike with lots of delightful discoveries. Sometimes it pays to turn around to avoid danger, and sometimes it pays to continue forward through minor obstacles discovering wondrous things along the way.

Watching us navigate the narrow path.

Love and blessings to you as you navigate the world today. đź’•Carrie

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