You appeared in my mind like a snapshot. 
A brief glimpse of something to come.
In a suit and tie, eyes gleaming,
smile locked on your face like it rested there most days.

Handsome was not even coming close to an accurate description.

Slightly disheveled hair,
like your ran your hand through it several times in the day.

Who you were, I had not a clue.
Why you appeared to me, was questionable.
Yet there you were.
Looking like an ad out of a magazine, but you were not.

No you were...a figment of my imagination?
Maybe, but this had happened before.
Josie's fourth grade teacher's face appeared to me days before I met her.

What does this all mean?
Am I going to meet you?
From past experience, I know this is true.

What I do not know is how, why, where.
That part always leaves me ruminating.
This will be interesting when it plays out.
Hopefully, I do not make a spectacle of myself.

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