Laugh with Me

She patted the spot next to her. “Sit down.” she said, with a smile. He sat. Feeling anxious. Life did that to him sometimes without him knowing why.

“Have a laugh with me.”

He looked over, perplexed at the invitation.

She chuckled.

He was unsure. Should he chuckle, too? Life never presented this scenario to him before.

“Oh, I don’t mean for you to start laughing at will. I felt, as you were passing, you could use a laugh.” She smile.

“How do you share a laugh?” he asked. Curious. He liked how her eyes glittered in the midday sun. He realized that he felt calm next to her.

As they sat a few minutes in silence, something in him shifted. He felt like something heavy melted away.

They sat a little longer, watching a bird skitter and hop along. They both chuckled as the bird lifted a twig that was too heavy for it to carry. It tried all of it’s might to carry the twig, but the twig caused it’s head to fall to the side. It could not fly with it.

How comical it looked trying to fly!

“Thank you.” He said, as he rose from the bench. “I needed that.”

“Much love to you.” She replied. “Thank you for indulging an old lady.”

Lighter and happier, he walked home. Noticing how bright and alive the world was.

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