In Between Time

She liked being outside in the morning and at dusk, during the in between time, when it was not night or day. The moment when the world went from dark to light or light to dark. She loved that.

She loved how every day choose a different way to present itself.

Some mornings arrived slowly. With color gradually filling the sky. Starting with the eastern horizon and slowly, moving across the edges of the sky. Gradually, easing upward to light up any clouds hovering in the heavens. Turning them pink, red, or orange. Turning them a combination of all three colors. Lazy sunrises she thought. Those days where stretching, rolling, and yawning filled her bed as she slowly peeled herself away from sleep to start a new day.

She especially liked mornings where the sun rose before a storm. The colors were brilliant, but most of all, on mornings where it was timed just right, she could start her day off with a rainbow! What a magical way to start the day!

Other mornings the sun shot out of the sky without much color, without much announcement, like it could not wait to see what the day had in store for it. She knew exactly how the sun felt on those days. She had days like that, too. Where anticipation was over, the waiting was no more, the day had arrived when her special something she was looking for, waiting for, etc, was now here. Enjoy!

She felt dusk was as magical. The sun tucking the world in for the night. Good night world, sun would say, see you in the morning.

How sunsets varied, too. Days when the sun dipped into the horizon so fast one could almost hear it sigh as it tucked away for the night.

There were days when the sun hovered at the horizon for what seemed like hours, almost reluctant to end the day. Like it wanted one final view to remember the day. One final goodbye. As tomorrow would bring a whole new day, a whole new waking and a new ending. So many new things to cherish.

She loved the in between time.

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