Ruby’s Story

Lying on the grass, under a tall oak tree, Ruby thought about nothing. She enjoyed days like this when there was nothing pulling her.


Days like this barely existed anymore. Ever since the lumber yard was built business at her fathers general store flourished. She helped out there after school and during school breaks. She used to enjoy the work, but lately it was rush, rush, rush. She barely got to say hi to a customer when another needed service.

Why could things not go back to the way they were?

She missed her quiet, sleepy little town.

Ugh. She just realized that her quiet moment was interrupted by her own thoughts. Giggling she gazed past the tree leaves to the sky beyond. Looking for clouds was always a good way to pass the time. Few clouds existed today. There was one cloud that was such a long wisp, Ruby could not think of what it looked like. Perhaps cotton candy as it fluffs off the stick? Not very imaginative, she thought.

Closing her eyes she sighed. Being busy for so long, she honestly was getting bored doing nothing.

She got up. Blinked a few times to get out of her head, and walked into town. It was a short walk. She loved the look of the town from her favorite hill and oak tree. It was orderly looking from up above.

As she drew closer, she noted the fresh paint on many of the buildings. She knew the lumber yard was to thanks, in a way, for the newness of her town. If not for the lumber business, lots of folks would have moved out last year. It was a good thing Bob O’Malley came to town. She knew this. She liked her town looking new. She also liked the spirit that was alive in town now.

People where a lot happier. Which made the general store a lot more enjoyable to work at. If only, it could be less busy most days. She really missed the lazy days were her and Pa passed the time playing cards. Oh well, Pa always says to enjoy changes as they come as you will miss them when they pass. Ruby thought she knew what that meant, but sometimes she felt that she might not fully grasp the meaning.

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