Crossing Paths

Raccoon was fascinated by all of the creatures he encountered daily. Mama told him, we were put on this planet to cross paths with certain creatures so that we could learn a lesson. Raccoon heard the wisdom in Mama’s words, yet he still did not quite understand the full meaning behind those words.

He did understand one thing. He enjoyed most of the creatures he came across.

Blue Jay was one of his favorites. Mama told him that Blue Jay was to rambunctious for her and to be careful when around him. Raccoon listened to Mama most of the time, but he still could not see the harm in Blue Jay.

Blue Jay was outspoken and loud. The complete opposite of Raccoon. Raccoon admired Blue Jay for this. Raccoon also noticed how Blue Jay would cause a fuss and stir about Squirrel hording all of the nuts, but Blue Jay would always drop a seed or nut for Squirrel as Blue Jay passed her.

Squirrel always responded with a shake of her fist in the air. “You almost hit me Blue Jay!” She would yell.

Blue Jay would yell back, “Eat it while it’s fresh Squirrel! Do not go hording it away!” Laughing as he flew on.

Raccoon lived for these daily interactions with the creatures. He found great joy in their differences.

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