Surrender To What Is

A moment flashed by. Something awful and heart achingly dry.

Caught in it all. A lesson. Could be the fall

or the rise. Whichever she may choose.

All she knows is, in this moment, she aches for brighter hues.

Yet, aching and longing, will not move it along. Surrender to it could.

Yield a little. Acknowledge it. Watch as it fades away. 

With love and gratitude it fades.

Back to brighter days.

May brighter days be among you today and always.

Love and blessings, 💕 Carrie


Sinking Into The Soar

watching hawk

rise then fall


dancing across the thermals

riding to his winter home

calling to his mate

she glaces back

falls to

find his place

he rises

they soar


to the winter


I watch

with awe

and a pinch

of longing

for the moment

I may soar

alone on my thermal

rising and falling

in the graceful dance

of flying 

of life