Reaching For That Creative…

I have to say, it has been inventive and down right interesting trying to find things to write about and photograph this past year with the quarantine(s). 

Thankfully, nature always provides something of interest to photograph, which then often inspires a poem, or musing of some kind. 

Although, I do admit, I sometimes toss a random photo in that us completely unrelated to the poem or post. That’s part of the fun of having ones own blog. There really are no rules.

Sometimes, no rules, also results in a lack of direction, but I feel that’s okay, too. Why should it have a theme or be stuck in one place? After all, it is not that kind of blog.

What kind it is…really depends on the day.

Anyway, even this post ran off topic. 🙃 

As it was supposed to be about finding inspiration in slightly uninspiring ways. Yet, I think it said exactly what was needed.

Isn’t that how it should be?

Creativity flowing how it needs to flow.

Love, blessings, and gratitude, 💕 Carrie


Dabbling In Art

Purchased a candle

at the dollar store.

It came with a wooden top

which was not adorned.

I thought it needed something.

What. I could not say,

but sitting down with paints.

I began to play.

Creating a blue background,

which morphed into

a sky setting down 

to sleep with bare trees,

and a small flock of geese.

I think it looks just right.

Adding a little more

fun and creation to the decor.


Blooming In 2021

Sweetpea is blooming.

Shining her light.

She has flowered, and flowered.

More than most her kind.

Perhaps, it’s because

her name is not quite

what others like her are named.

Despite the reason.

We love her so.

She brightens our days.

In bloom or no.



Is that you?

Shining high

in this blue, blue sky?

Sun! Where have you been?!

We have looked for some time.

Thinking you might not come by.

Yet, here you are.

Brightening our hearts.

Thank you sun.

For shining on.

Keep shining, loves.

Love, blessing, and gratitude, 💕 Carrie