Sinking Into The Soar

watching hawk

rise then fall


dancing across the thermals

riding to his winter home

calling to his mate

she glaces back

falls to

find his place

he rises

they soar


to the winter


I watch

with awe

and a pinch

of longing

for the moment

I may soar

alone on my thermal

rising and falling

in the graceful dance

of flying 

of life


Playing In Pause

Stillness. Holding time. Basking open

an awareness. Beckoning on. Opening doorways.

Believing your gone. Staying to see beyond the openness.

Past the horizon. Believing it could always be open. Unobstructed.

Whole in a completely other way. Paused today. To resurrect new.

To create beyond what moves. Aligned with the highest. Reflecting the soul wealth.

Pausing briefly to adjust this magic awareness that is.



Forever graceful. Full of grace. Rhythmically moving.

Quiet chimes and orchestrated rhymes. Forever moving through time.

Undulating. Flowing. Gracefully knowing. It all unfolds just right.

In the continuous movement of life.


Your Truth

It maybe yours. Held to the chest. Holds you up.

Fully impressed. What if it is not mine?

It does not speak to me. Hold me sublime.

No. It is your truth, not mine. You may keep it.

It really is fine. Do not mistake my acceptance as weakness

or agreement. It is not. No, my acceptance is that. Acceptance for our differences.

You are there in your thought. I am here in mine. We are not together on it at all.

Yet it is fine. Truly fine. So please stop trying to push your truth on me. As I do see it.

Accept it. Yet I do not hold it as my own.


Swift Changes

Seasons are shifting. So are the leaves.

Continuous changes. As if, we believe.

Constant is not constant. Nothing is the same.

Everything changes. Embracing the rain .

Going along for the day. Swift in the change.

Only for this moment. Brought to the stage.